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There are several reasons why the hunt is so important to the sea glass seeker. Some find their Zen moments in the solitude and beauty of the hunt. Some collect to add color to their lives.
The history, mystery, and discovery of sea glass are also strong forces that draw collectors to shorelines around the world, looking for these pieces of physically and chemically weathered frosted glass.

Friday, December 1, 2017

10 Great Gift Ideas For The Beach Lover

10 Great Gift Ideas For
The Beach Lover In Your Life

Believe it or not there's more to the beach lover than messy hair and sandy toes.
Many of us are there for the health of our sanity. lol It is unbelievable how healing the ocean can be for our mental and physical well being. The salty air clears your nose and lungs, the wind helping to clear you of all negative energy. It is the easiest way to clear your mind and collect your thoughts!! 

The treasures we stumble upon in our travels become a part of our collections. Sea glass, seashells, driftwood,  sharks teeth. Everyone has their favorite item they search for while they stroll along!!! I can personally spend 6 hours digging through piles of little rocks searching for Sea Glass!! I love shinny things. lol  As much as I love being at the beach in the summer or any other season, it can take it's toll on your skin, hair, feet, and your muscles. 

I have put together a small list of things that would make great gifts for any beach combing, beach lover!!

Beach Bags 

Every beach lover needs their favorite beach bag for their stroll along the shore. This trusty beach bag will carry so many different things, so it must be cute and sturdy. 

Sun Hats 

Summer or winter, every beach goer needs a great sun hat to keep the sun off of their face and the glare out of their eye!! Not to mention they look fantastic.

Hooded Scarf 


There is nothing better than your hood and your scarf to keep you cozy on those blustery beach days. I know I wouldn't be able to spend half as much time as I do on the beach without them. What is better than a two in one combo.

Sea Glass Color Chart

This is a brilliant gift idea. Many beach combers often wonder where their little treasures originated or what type of item it was in it's original form. This wonderful guide help us match many of the brilliant colors we find along the way!
Your favorite sea glass guide is now available laminated!  For those that like to sort their sea glass collection by using the guide, a laminated version is a necessity. 

Sea Glass Art

Sea Glass Art, Made With Genuine Nova Scotia Sea Glass.These one of a kind framed art pieces bring a little of the beach into the home, without all of the mess or sorting. Many can also be personalized !!!  Are You Searching For The Perfect Gifts. Unique Mosaic Home Decor, The Perfect Gift For Anyone On Your List & A Great Addition To Any Room! 

Do you have a beach lover in the family who is far away from home. Someone who may not be making it home for the holidays this year?? Send them a little piece of the beach for their Christmas tree! They will never forget where these tree ornaments came from!
Genuine Nova Scotia Sea Glass & Driftwood Christmas Tree Ornaments
Set Of 4 Sailboats With A Wire Hanging Loop.
Whites, Greens, Browns And Even Shells!
These Pretty Little Pieces Make The Perfect Gift For Anybody On Your List!

Sea Glass Jewelry  

Every beach comber dreams of all of the great ways they can display their most beautiful finds. Many of us don't end up making anything. We put them in clear bottles and admire them. I love this shop because they have some of the most wonderful jewelry pieces that I have come across. 
At Sea Glass Designs, the offer ocean inspired, artisan sea glass jewelry, designed with sterling silver and natural beach glass ~ sea glass necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, a little bit of the beach for you to wear!

Bath Bombs, Soaps & Body Butter

There's nothing better than a nice hot bubble bath after a full day of beach combing. Those who love it, will be out at low tide rain or shine. That salt air can wreak havoc on your skin. Making it feel dry & tight. These amazing bath bombs and Body Butter's will have your skin back to its vibrant self, and you will smell fantastic.
Celebrate the holidays with this Cranberry Cinnamon Body Butter made with Organic Coconut Butter, Vitamin E, real ground cinnamon, cranberry scent, a hint of Vanilla and Coconut. 
These make great gifts! 
You’ll get one 8 oz jar.

Many struggle with Chronic Pain from nerve damage and  I know what it is like to live in pain. Over the years I have tried tons of over the counter and prescription medications with no real help. This Essential oil blend will help not only to relieve the pain associated with arthritis, sciatica, back injuries, neck injuries, etc., but also act as a tonic for the nerves.

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