Sea Glass Art Nova Scotia

There are several reasons why the hunt is so important to the sea glass seeker. Some find their Zen moments in the solitude and beauty of the hunt. Some collect to add color to their lives.
The history, mystery, and discovery of sea glass are also strong forces that draw collectors to shorelines around the world, looking for these pieces of physically and chemically weathered frosted glass.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pieces Of Sea Glass Are Like Snow Flakes, No Two Are The Same!!

Pieces Of Sea Glass Are Like Snow Flakes,
No Two Are The Same!!

Sea Glass, The Snow Flakes Of The Sea

Sea Glass On The Sea Shore

The ocean is one of my most favorite places in the world to be.  I am lucky enough to live right across the street from one of the most beautiful and foggy shores of Nova Scotia! I spend as much time on the beach as I can, enjoying the view! 

Through my travels I have come across thousands of pieces of beautiful sea glass pieces. Blues, Violets, Reds and everything in between. You may find pieces that look similar to each other, but you will never find two sea glass pieces that are exactly the same! Like their shape, no two stories behind the pieces are the same. To me that is amazing, and the thought always makes me smile. Usually I end up lost in a daydream of how each piece came to be.

Genuine Green Sea Glass

After I get these pretty little pieces home, all cleaned up, sorted by color and dabbed with a little coconut oil to make them sparkle. I sort them by size and shape, then I place them onto a crisp, clean background that will be their new home and new story. Will it become part of a mother's pretty blue dress or maybe a bountiful apple tree!

Sea Glass Art Nova Scotia

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