Sea Glass Art Nova Scotia

There are several reasons why the hunt is so important to the sea glass seeker. Some find their Zen moments in the solitude and beauty of the hunt. Some collect to add color to their lives.
The history, mystery, and discovery of sea glass are also strong forces that draw collectors to shorelines around the world, looking for these pieces of physically and chemically weathered frosted glass.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Ultimate Guide To Sea Glass Hunting Tools!!

The Ultimate Guide To
Sea Glass Hunting!

Must Have Tools
For Finding Beautiful Sea Glass!

Finding Sea Glass Can Be Tough For Some,Using These Tools,
Will Help You Get More Out Of Your Beach Combing!

As your quiet weekly walks on the beach turn to
full days of beach combing for beautiful sea glass and sea shells!  
You will not find too many pieces of sea glass just walking along the sand.
You will find yourself digging in the pebbles a little more each time. 
Instead of getting all of that sand and grit under your finger nails, try using some of these tools!

Claw Rake: This is the only tool I need when I head to the beach.
This is the exact one I use. 
The reason I love this rake so much is because it is light weight,
and the claws are far enough apart to allow the perfect sized rocks to fit through while I'm stirring the pile. It's also great for picking up the larger rocks that are in your way.
I don't like to dig wholes when I search.
My method is more of a sweeping or stirring than digging. 

Water Proof Gloves: These are essential on those chilly days of beach combing.
You know those days your body just wants to get up and go at 15 below, lol They are great for moving the large rocks out of your path. Water proof gloves also come in handy if you come across any garbage that needs collecting or seaweed piles that need to be moved.
(sometimes the best pieces are under that pile of stinky seaweed!) 

Containers For Your Treasures: Of course you will need something to keep your beach combing treasures in while you walk along the beach. I have made the mistake of collecting sea glass and putting it in my pocket, only to loose half of it bending down picking up more pieces! I recommend something with a secure lid. I have tried plastic bags but I find it's usually too windy for them, lol

Beginner's Guide To Sea Glass Hunting!!

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